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Study Computer Science and Information Technology in Canada

Computer Science will teach you everything about applications, software, and programs while information technology teaches how to use and control those things

When you look into IT and computer science programs in your own city or country, you'll likely find that there are only a few options and that most programs are fairly basic in nature. With the programs offered in Canadian colleges, you can easily become a real IT professional. Some of the programs you can take let you earn a diploma or certificate in computer art, advertising art or even video game animation. Other programs prepare you for operating the computers for a major corporation and developing software that companies and individuals around the world will use. You may have the chance to work in the IT field or do a computer science internship too.

Eligibility Requirements

Canadian colleges have different requirements in place for general students than students who want to study computer science or IT topics. As an international student, you will need to complete an application that shows your current address and the type of education that you finished. You must also understand the English language and have reading skills and some strong writing skills too. Some of the computer science programs offered in these colleges will require that you submit a separate application that goes over your computer knowledge or experience to show that you're ready for a college level program.

Cost of Studying Computer Science and Information Technology in Canada

It's nearly impossible to say exactly how much you will pay for college in Canada because each school has the right to set its own tuition rates. Private colleges generally cost more and may charge as much as $20,000 a year. When you factor in room, board and supplies, you might pay $30,000 or more each year. Some schools are more affordable in nature and work hard to keep costs below $12,000 or even $10,000 a year. You may have the option of borrowing money and applying for scholarship or grant programs too.


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