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Study Aviation in Canada

Globalisation has been increasing more and more for a few decades now and so has the love for travelling. Aviation is a degree that cannot be missed out these days.

Have you always wanted to study Aviation in Canada? Maybe you dreamed about jetting off around the world on trips to exotic destinations as a pilot for a major airline, or maybe you prefer working on the ground and ensuring the safety of all passengers. Canada is home to multiple colleges that offer programs designed for students just like you. You'll learn the practical knowledge that you need to work in the Aviation field, gain necessary experience and even improve your language skills.

The main reason you should study Aviation in Canada is because these schools give you the option of starting in the fall or the winter. While many programs have a traditional start date of September, others give students the option of applying and starting classes in January at the start of the winter semester. You might enroll in a general Aviation management program that focuses on the operations of airlines and airfields. A management program will include courses on aircraft systems, operations management aircraft electricity and similar subjects. As a student interested in studying in Canada, you'll also find programs that focus more on becoming a pilot or working as an aircraft technician.

Eligibility Requirements

Canadian colleges that offer aviation programs for international students often have some requirements that those students must meet before enrolling. Students must:

  1. Generally be at least 18 years old or turn 18 during the first semester they spend in college.
  2. The colleges also require that students demonstrate proficiency in the English language. You may need to take a test that shows you have a strong understanding of both reading and writing in English, but many schools offer this test online.
  3. Schools may also require that students have the equivalent of a high school diploma.

Cost of Studying Aviation in Canada

New students often have questions relating to how much these programs cost. Many of those who enroll are adult students who want to change careers or those who didn't have the chance to go to school at a younger age. Others are younger students with a passion for the aviation field. The total cost of the program often depends on whether it is a diploma/certificate program or one that culminates with an actual degree. Aviation degree programs are often more expensive and require that students pay for their supplies and textbooks too. Aviation programs in the country can range in price from around $5,000 to more than $20,000 a year.

Working as a pilot, an aviation technician or in management is a dream for many. When you decide to study aviation in Canada, you can go to school, earn a degree or diploma and work in your dream job.


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