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Study Law in Australia

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the employment of lawyers will increase with 6% by 2024. A perfect opportunity to choose a course in Law.

Studying law in Australia is a good choice because of the good quality of education - perfect for those who want to land a career in this field. Most people view that pursuing a law degree is a smart career move as it can command status, prestige, employment, and promotional prospects along with having the potential to be applied in many different industries. Law and legal studies training can be used in variety of areas including politics, business, international finance and banking, practicing as a solicitor, a barrister, or using legal knowledge to bring impact to the society. In addition, studying law in Australia also provides opportunities to develop skills in the area of law that can be applied in many different conditions and scenarios. 

Admission Process

International students are encouraged to make sure they look at the admission guidelines before they decide to move to Australia and choose which college to go to. They should pay attention at the requirements before starting the application process.  The general entry requirement for undergraduate law programme in Australia is a complete secondary education, equivalent to the Australian Year 12 qualification. However, students who are interested to study law in Australia are also eligible to study this course if they have significant work experience in related fields, even without secondary education qualification – depending on the rules of different universities. Most importantly, students need to show that they have English language proficiency at an acceptable level if they want to enroll in law degree courses.

Cost of Studying Law in Australia

There are a lot of students who are scared of the high costs, but college should be viewed as an investment in the future. Thus, you should always make sure that you look at the tuition and living expenses of the country and college you are interested to go to. Studying a law degree in Australia is relatively costly, with an annual tuition fee from AU$ 15,000 to AU$ 24,700 (USD 11,300 to USD 24,700), in addition to an average cost of living in Australia per year, around AU$ 18,012 (USD 14,100).


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