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About Victoria University, Australia

Victoria University (VU) is one of Australia's leading professional and vocational universities; well known for preparing its students not just for a career, but for life. VU was established in 1990 and aims to be a University of opportunity for students from diverse countries, cultures, socio-economic and educational backgrounds. The institution offers short courses, as well as qualifications in vocational education (TAFE) and higher education. The learning pathways enable students to move from a certificate course through to an advanced diploma, degree, or postgraduate qualification by coursework or research. Through VU's strong industry connections and leadership in sport education, opportunities are provided for every individual to achieve success on their own terms. The institution's vision is to be Excellent, Engaged and Accessible and internationally recognised for leadership in:

  • empowering a diverse community of students to grow their capabilities, transform their lives and find true success through high quality teaching and learning
  • engaging with industry and community to make the world a better place through the creation, sharing and use of new knowledge.

VU seeks to be internationally renowned for its distinctive curriculum emphasising work-integrated learning, community integrated learning, learning-integrated work, problem solving and cross-cultural skills. Within VU's namesake, the State of Victoria, and particularly its heartland the West of Melbourne, the aim is to be a leader in education, workforce development and knowledge exchange with business, government and the community, in ten key industry clusters. VU also aims to be an Australian leader internationally, especially in knowledge exchange with several major countries in the Asia Pacific region, such as China, India, Malaysia and Timor Leste, where we have established relationships and active partnerships. Currently, there are more than 48,000 students from around the world studying at one of the ten campuses in Melbourne’s west and the CBD – as well as an international campus in Sydney.

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