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Murdoch Institute of Technology, Australia


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About Murdoch Institute of Technology

The integration of world class educational facilities and high quality courses makes Murdoch Institute of Technology (MIT) one of the leading higher education institutes in Australia.

Murdoch Institute of Technology (MIT) is purposely located on Murdoch University’s campus to provide students with the experience of university life within a highly supportive environment. Through the Murdoch University Preparation Course or one of the four Diplomas, students can gain direct entry into the first or second year of Murdoch University’s Bachelor degree courses.

A world-class educational experience
It is this integration of world-class learning facilities and high quality courses that makes MIT one of the leading higher education institutes in Australia. We wish you a rich and rewarding education experience, leading to a successful career and a lifelong interest in learning while influencing others to learn too!

Pathways with MIT
MIT offers a variety of options to choose from, depending on your academic needs and aspirations.  We have multiple entry and exit points for both Australian and International Students from Year 11 to post high school level, going on to study undergraduate or post-graduate programmes at Murdoch University.

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