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Monash University, Australia
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Shierly Octaviana Hugo

14 Jun 2016

Ak belum benar-benar belajar di Monash tapi hampir 90% teman-teman dan koneksi terdekatku yang belajar di Australia ujung-ujungnya belajar di ...


Shierly Octaviana Hugo

05 May 2016

I haven't actually studied at Monash but nearly 90% of my closest friends and connections who study in Australia end ...



07 Oct 2015

Lecturers and tutors are mostly chilled out and will help you along when you have questions or issues. All in ...


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About Monash University

Monash University, established in Melbourne in 1958, is Australia's most internationalised university. It has eight campuses including one in Malaysia and one in South Africa, and a centre in Prato, Italy. Each provides an environment that identifies and nurtures talent – and turns that talent into ability. An energetic and dynamic university, Monash is committed to quality education and research. From collaborative research opportunities, to building community relationships, the focus of Monash is always on how students can be empowered to make a positive impact on the world.

In order for students and staff to positively impact their communities and the world, the university seeks to equip them and inspire them – so they can be agents of change. Monash University's motto Ancora Imparo (“I am still learning”) reminds them that the search for knowledge never ends. Through collaborative research, student exchange programs and an ever-growing Alumni network, Monash has links with people and organisations throughout Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East. By doing so, the students will have enough environment supports to face challenges and gain new experiences at the same time.

Now, Monash University has become Australia's largest university with the number of students at around 60,000 students from 170 countries. Furthermore, from a single campus, Monash University has expand into network of campuses, education centres, and partnerships from all around the world.


Ranked 83.00
The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2014-2015

Ranked 70.00
QS World University Rankings 2014

Ranked 91.00
The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2013-2014

Ranked 69.00
QS World University Rankings 2013

Ranked 67.00
QS World University Rankings 2015

Ranked 73.00
The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-2016

Ranked 60.00
QS World University Rankings 2018

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