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About Ability English

At ABILITY English we encourage you to speak English all day, every day. We know it is tempting to speak your own language with other students, so we have a big Australian Emu bird walking around the school each week to help you remember to speak English.

The Emu bird looks for students speaking in English and rewards them with chocolates. Our star students are congratulated on facebook, showing the entire college community how determined they are to speak English.

When you first start learning English it can be very difficult. If you are a beginner student we give you extra support each week at no extra cost. You can come to our Beginners Support class and a teacher will give you personalised attention and answer all your questions.

Studying in another country is exciting, and sometimes also confusing. We have friendly support staff ready to help you with everything you need, and they can speak many different languages. The support staff are available from 8:30am to 7.30pm Monday to Friday, and can help you with:

  • understanding life in Australia
  • booking student activities
  • medical service information
  • navigating a new city
  • information about mobile phones and banking
  • information about the college classes and timetables
  • problems and concerns
  • information about weekend activities
  • help with housing
  • student counseling

Some Random Courses

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