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It is very crucial to have doctors, nurses, and surgeons. They are the ones who will take care of you if something bad happens or if you need medicine to ease the pain

So, you’ve always wanted to be a doctor when you were young. Yeah, you wanted to fix people’s boo-boo’s and save lives and all that good stuff, but mostly you wanted the money. You’d watched reruns of House and Grey’s Anatomy; you knew how those people lived. What then are the routes into getting a medical degree, and what career options do you have once qualified?

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Why Should You Study Medicine?

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1. Plenty of Job Opportunities

There is a great need for doctors in the world.  After graduation there is a broad range of opportunities for future jobs. You can choose to work either in public or private hospitals, science institutes or be part of the medical segment of some other science. In case this is your reason for studying medicine, be aware that this is not an easy job, but a job with a lot of sweat and blood. Nevertheless, a job is waiting for you.

2. Prestige in the Society

Whether we want to admit it or not, doctors are traditionally held in high esteem. A tradition which still applies to some extent today. Not downright like Dr. Oz, but a certain part of people will pay attention to you too. 

3. Versatile Skills for Other Roles

A medical degree will develop your professionalism, people skills, time management, ability to work as part of a team, research skills.....the list goes on.  A lot of employers see this reason as the significant difference in comparison to other degrees and for this, they point medicine out as a unique example of constant professional perfecting.

4. Do Good for Community

Most doctors would say that there is no greater joy than the one you feel when you have a direct impact on people’s lives. If you’re a conscientious person a career in medicine will certainly satisfy your sense of duty. 

What Qualities/Skills Do You Need to Study Medicine?

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Ability to work under pressure
Working as a doctor, you cannot afford to make mistakes as it can cost you your career, and maybe even your freedom. Therefore, doctors in general, are under a great deal of pressure on a daily basis, and get paid a huge salary as a result.

Analysis of varied types of information
Diagnosing a patient involves understanding the symptoms exhibited and putting them together to understand what is wrong with the patient. The doctor may then treat the patient. 

Communication skills
In order to interact with patients and the general public, doctors must have excellent people skills. This includes being able to explain difficult subject matter, while displaying empathy and compassion when dealing with patients. 

Today, the role of the a doctor is at risk of being reduced to doing what his/ her patient demands. The autonomy of the patient trumps all. A doctor must be able to maintain their integrity and conscience and refuse to participate in care that they reasonably believe to be harmful to the patient.

Attention to detail
If you have ever watched the television show "E.R.", you’ll notice the incredible amount of detail that doctors pay attention to while simultaneously enduring a great deal of pressure. Did I mention the ability to work under pressure is one key trait to becoming a doctor?

How Long Does It Take to Become A Doctor?

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After completing 5-6 years of medical school, you have to enter into a two-year housemanship training before becoming a qualified medical officer. Housemanship gives you a chance to see what it's like for a life full of long, 10- to 12-hour workdays. And the book learning doesn't end with being a doctor. If you are a real go-getter and wish to go into area of specialization, be prepared to take another 4-5 years of postgraduate degree. After that, you will undergo 4-5 years of supervised training as a specialist. 

What is the Expected Salary? 

Below you will find the salaries of a few jobs related to Medicine:



Per year


Per year


Per year


Per year

Entry level

US$ 166,000

US$ 98,000

US$ 109,000

US$ 182,000


US$ 183,000

US$ 107,000

US$ 117,000

US$ 193,000


US$ 195,000

US$ 112,000

US$ 120,000

US$ 210,000


US$ 201,000

US$ 118,000

US$ 121,000

US$ 225,000

(Source: payscale)


Top 10 Medicine Schools 

There are many institutions in the world offering Medicine courses. These are the Top 10 Medicine schools according to the QS World University Rankings:

top10 med schools


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