Post Basic Certificate in Perioperative Nursing

Course overview

Qualification Postgraduate Certificate
Study mode Full-time
Duration 6 months
Intakes January, July
Tuition (Local students) ₹ 288,213
Tuition (Foreign students) ₹ 305,532


The Post Basic Certificate in Perioperative Nursing (PBCPN) is a 6 months home grown programme offered by School of Medical and Life Sciences Sunway University. It obtained its approval (PA) from the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) and the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA on 9th March 2021). The structure of the curriculum is guided by the Standard and Guidelines of the Nursing Board Malaysia. The Post Basic Certificate in Perioperative Nursing (PBCPN) is 20 credits programme. Clinical practice will be mainly in Sunway Medical Centre and KKM hospitals.

The programme is made up of several subjects, such as fundamentals of systemic perioperative nursing, communication and counselling, anesthesia care in perioperative nursing, and more. By teaching these subjects, the programme equips graduates with the means to provide proper care, communication and counselling. It also ensures that they have strong foundations in skills such as surgical instrumentation, principles of sterility, anesthesia and safe nursing perioperative practices such as surgical scrub, gowning and gloving and principles of patient skin preparation.





₹ 288,213
Local students
₹ 305,532
Foreign students

Estimated cost as reported by the Institution.


₹ 2,624
Local students
₹ 12,245
Foreign students

Student Visa

₹ 41,985
Foreign students

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Entry Requirements

MQA Requirement

  • Certified medically fit.
  • Possess current Annual Practising Certificate (APC) for nurses from MNB.
  • Possess Diploma in Nursing from a recognised institution by MNB.
  • Minimum TWO (2) years of clinical working experience.

University Requirement

At least THREE (3) months of experience in the related field (operating theatre)

Mode of Delivery

  • Lecture (virtual/face to face)
  • Tutorial
  • Clinical placement

Other Special Instructions

All candidates will be required to complete clinical placement as a requirement of the curriculum.


Basic Medical Sciences

  • Fundamentals of Systemic Perioperative Nursing
  • Principles of Microbiology and Infection Control

Behavioural Sciences

  • Communication and Counselling

Nursing Science / Nursing Theory

  • Surgical Instrumentation and Equipment
  • Anaesthesia Care in Perioperative Nursing
  • Perioperative Care 1
  • Perioperative Care 2

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