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University of Wroclaw, Wrocław, Poland
Wrocław, Poland


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About University of Wroclaw

The University of Wrocław (UWr) is the largest university in the region and has over 26,000 undergraduate and graduate students, including 1400 doctoral students. It's first and foremost focus is scientific research. Scholars of the UWr have numerous links with fellow researchers from other higher education institutions in Poland and throughout the world. The UWr has a history of more than three centuries and a long list of Nobel Prize winners. It is proud of its history, its buildings and the quality of research and education it provides.

The UWr is a prestigious research centre. Several thousand scientific publications are published annually as a result of the work of highly qualified scientists involved in more than 280 research projects. This research results in cutting edge inventions and patents. The University is a member of 9 scientific networks and 13 scientific industrial consortia. The core group of about 400 professors, including lecturers from international universities, play key role and guarantee the highest level of education.

The success of its researchers has been recently recognized by Polish authorities, who significantly increased funding for both equipment and research at the University by 80% compared to previous years. Like in most countries, the national quality assessment system in Poland is part of a national strategy for improving the quality of education. Every four years, the Ministry of Education would evaluate faculties of all Polish universities. Last year, 9 out of 10 of our Faculties were qualified in the highest category and one faculty in particular was the second highest.

Thanks to the dynamic economic growth, many international companies decide to choose Wrocław as their headquarter. Currently, the companies operating in the city include, for instance, IBM, Google, HP, PWC, Nokia, Credit Suisse, Volvo, Capgemini and LG. The place which combines innovative business and research is the European Technological Institute Plus (ETI+). The research centre was created in 2007 and it is comprised of business incubators, hightech companies, financial institutions and research laboratories, all working in one place. Another thriving technological hub is the WPT (Wroclaw Technological Park), which focuses on creating conditions for effective exploitation of scientific and industrial potential of the city.

Faculties offer a broad range of courses taught in Polish and in English in over 44 areas of study. They cooperate with many universities in and outside of the EU within international  learning programmes such as Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, ISEP and CEEPUS. International students usually spend a semester or two at the UWr. Many of them come back to Wrocław to continue their education at Bachelor or Master level as regular full time students.

The University of Wrocław offers degree programmes at the Bachelor, Master and doctoral level. All Faculties provide at least one Bachelor and Master programme in English, in addition to the extensive number of programmes offered in the Polish language. All degrees awarded by UWr are recognised all over the world. The UWr would like to invite students to come and study at the University of Wroclaw to gain quality education and experience some of the most enjoyable moments of university life and at the same time to help make the University of Wrocław a truly diverse and international educational institution.

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