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Institute of Technology, Tralee, Ireland

About Institute of Technology, Tralee

Institute of Technology Tralee (ITT) is a university level institution with a range of programmes from craft to postgraduate level. he Institute currently has 3,500 full & part-time students, employing 350 staff and provides a financial contribution of circa €60m to the local economy annually. 

Institute of Technology, Tralee is a third-level educational institution located in Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland. 

The Institute offers courses at Craft, Higher Certificate, Ordinary Bachelor Degree, Honours Bachelor Degree and Postgraduate level, in the disciplines of Business Studies, Humanities & Social Studies, Hotel, Catering & Tourism, Engineering & Construction Studies, Science & Computing and Nursing & Healthcare. IT Tralee has the following schools and departments:

School of Business and Social Studies located in the North campus:

  • Business Informatics Department
  • Business Studies and Humanities Department
  • Hotel, Catering and Tourism Department

School of Engineering and Construction Studies located in the South campus:

  • Agricultural and Manufacturing Engineering Department
  • Civil Engineering and Construction Studies Department
  • Apprentice Section
  • Accelerated Technician Section

School of Science and Computing:

  • Computing and Mathematics Department located in the North campus
  • Chemical and Life Sciences Department located in the South campus
  • Health and Leisure Studies Department located in the South campus
  • Nursing and Health Care Studies Department located in the North campus

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