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Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Frankfurt Am Main, Germany


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About Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management was ranked the sixth best Business School in Germany by business magazine Wirtschaftswoche in 2012, based on a survey of 500 HR directors. Its Master of Finance is ranked top 32 and the only German program to be included in the Financial Times ranking of pre-experience Masters in Finance in 2012. It is a very reputable instutution and one of the best business schools in Germany that prepares and advices individuals for the future. Young people about to start their careers, trainees thirsty for more knowledge, experienced specialists and executives anxious to make the most of the future through continuing education – Frankfurt School gives them all the theoretical and practical know-how they need to launch successful careers in the complex world of business.

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is a research-led business school, covering every  aspect of business, management, banking and finance. An impressive portfolio of services – ranging from degree courses to Executive Education programmes, from research projects to consultancy means that Frankfurt School acts as adviser, catalyst and educational partner to companies and organisations, to individuals embarking on new careers, and to experienced executives. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management formulates forward-thinking solutions for the worlds of business, finance and management, where agendas and issues are constantly changing.

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gives individuals the skills, know-how and managerial competencies and tools they need to make well-grounded, responsible decisions and put them into action.

Finance is the lynchpin of Frankfurt School’s activities. Many of the resulting educational programmes in banking and finance have become benchmarks for the industry. Frankfurt School’s teaching, research and advisory activities cover every aspect of manage- ment, business administration and macroeconomics: we are now one of the top business schools in Germany. 

Frankfurt School’s activities, projects and services all share certain hallmarks: they are all innovative, dependable, high-quality.

Research and Education Made in Germany – sums up Frankfurt School in a nutshell.


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