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Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Beijing, China
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About Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, founded in 1936, is the only architectural university in Beijing. It has 8218 full-time internal students, 7018 of whom are undergraduates, 1142 postgraduate students. 55 overseas students are studying in School of Architecture and Urban Planning, School of Civil and Transportation Engineering, School of Environment and Energy Engineering, School of Economics and Management Engineering and School of Humanity and Law.

At present, there are 1020 staff members in the university, and 710 of them are full-time teachers. 588 teachers, or 83% of the total, have got master’s degree, and 281, or 40% have got doctor’s degree. Of the 410 teachers with senior professional technical titles, 108 are full professors. Two CAS and one CAE academicians as well as professors, experts, government executives and corporate senior managers renowned home and abroad are employed as part-time and guest professors.

The university has remained to be teaching-centered and spared no efforts in improving education quality. It has received 20 awards for teaching and 8 of them topped the lists in the recent Beijing Teaching Achievement Awards. It has built 102 practice teaching bases in and out of the campus. In the past five years, students in the university have won 336 provincial and ministerial level awards in scientific and cultural activities, such as the Challenge Cup, in Beijing and elsewhere in China.

The university is the one and only architecture-oriented institute of higher learning of Beijing and has developed into a distinctive, multi-disciplinary university. Over the years, the university has evolved into " the training centre for urban planning, construction and management talents and scientific service of Beijing", "the Beijing base for climate change studies and talent training" and " the national base for architectural heritage protection studies and talent training".

The university has established school-level cooperative relationships with 35universities of such countries as the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Italy, Russia and Poland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other countries and territories. Foreign students studying in China. Hundreds of students at the university hail from France, Ghana, Germany, Mongolia, Iran, Vietnam, the US, Italy and Russia, among other countries.

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