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Asia Pacific International College, Australia


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About Asia Pacific International College

Asia Pacific International College (APIC) is an independent Higher Education Institution which provides a planned, customised, responsive and structured competency-based accredited courses that are flexible to suit professional people, organisations, industry sectors and government agencies around the world. Asia Pacific International College aims to produce graduates who are efficient and confident with fresh capabilities. APIC differs from more traditional institutions as it is focused on research, development and the extension of transformative learning. APIC has positioned itself between the knowledge world and business world.  

APIC operates on the basis of modern management principles, blending entrepreneurship with speed, openness, flexibility, and forward thinking. APIC´s core competitive advantage is its ability to deliver its courses and services to any organisation around the globe. APIC programs are all reviewed and accredited at university level by the Australian National Regulator (TEQSA) and also accredited or endorsed by the relevant professional bodies and external assessment authorities. The College was formally registered by the Australian Government to provide award courses to international students. APIC’s courses are approved by the Department of Human Resources of the Australian Government for students in the State of New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory.

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